Gary Mule Deer - Photos from The Good Old Days
dearjohnset.jpg heehaw.jpg
On the set of the video "Dear John."
Gary designed the outfit that he is wearing.
Backstage at Hee Haw with some fellow cast members 
who now all own macadamia plantations in Hawaii.
For you "Andy of Mayberry" fans
 that would be Goober on the left
gary-dolly.jpg heehawhoneys.jpg
Gary and Dolly together at the Riviera, Las Vegas Gary with the Hee Haw Honeys

Whatever happened to Bertha & Tina anyway?!?

How much better could it get than this?
silverbird-marquis.jpg miller-gatton.jpg

Roger Miller and Danny Gatton, 1980

We miss you Roger.
gary-chet.jpg gary-roger.jpg
Chet Atkins with the Gary Mule Deer wax figure at Madame Tussauds Roger Miller feigning friendship just before firing Gary
for opening his show wearing all pink.

"Gilded Cage" has different connotations nowadays.

Mule Deer and Moondogg with Ted Mack 
of the famed "Ted Mack's Amateur Hour" 
If you know who Ted Mack is, you probably 
had to give up coffee and spicy foods awhile back.
leo.jpg gary80s.jpg
Leo Kottke, Gary Mule Deer, Dennis "Moondogg" Flannigan and Billy "Spot" (tech wizard) Heaslip after Leo has just informed Mule Deer and Moondogg that hair might be an issue if they ever decide to form a quartet. Gary's 80's look which he finally perfected in the 90's.
Gary opened for Facility Closed all during their 
"Facility Closed: Profits Are Down. I Wonder If Celine Dion Can Save Us World Tour 2000"
Flyer from the "THE muledeer & moondog MEDICINE SHOW" Johnny might have bigger letters but Gary's name is at the top.
everly-marquis.jpg rick-nelson-marquiss.jpg
Is there anyone left that Gary hasn't performed with? When's the last time you saw a "two-fisted art attack" ?
orbison-marquis nugget-marquis.jpg
We miss you Roy. Finally, Gary's name in lights.
glightfoot-marquis.jpg sahara-marquis.jpg
Harrah's Tahoe Note that Charo and David Brenner have to share a section
of the marquee, while Gary has one all to himself.
This poster is currently on display in the South Dakota Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, into which Gary was
inducted on May 24th, 2009
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