Mule Deer, drummer Chris Fryar, fiddler extraordinaire Casey Dreesen
Gary and Zac Brown
Massive audience in Virginia Beach
John Denver Band and Friends
Alan Dermo, Kenn Roberts, Bill Danoff, Mollie Weaver, Jim Salestrom, GMD, Jim Curry, Denny Brooks, Mack Bailey
Alan Dermo, Bill Danoff, Jim Horn, GMD
GMD with Mack Bailey from The Limelighters
John Hobbs, Vince Gill, GMD, Billy Thomas
Dawn Sears, Vince Gill, Jeff White, GMD
Vince Gill, Billy Thomas, GMD, David Hungate
Johnny’s bodyguard and personal assistant Ricky Robinson
Gary and Johhny Mathis back stage
Gary and Johnny Mathis on stage
Drummer Joe Lizama, sound tech Lee Rickmers, and conductor Scott Lavender
Bass player and official pizza taster Rick Shaw
Gil Reigers, Mathis’ guitarist extraordinaire, and Mule Deer
Mule Deer’s dressing area
Mule Deer and Wilford Brimley watching the rodeo parade
The big Mule Deer show at the rodeo
Matt Grimm, Mule Deer, and Mike Grimm production manager
Nita at the rodeo
Gary’s 1963 Fender Duo Sonic guitar

Gary and Bobby Vee at the induction ceremony
Hall of Fame poster at the Washington Pavillion in Sioux Falls, SD
about to break the news.jpg
gary explaining.jpg
Dan Tyminski, Gary, Steve Wariner and Randy Hart in Steve's studio
recording "6 Days On The Road" and "Summertime Blues"
Dan, Steve and Randy secretly plan to bury
Gary's lead vocal with 3-part harmony
tyminski2.jpg Danny Parks.jpg
Dan Tyminski: Proof that a mandolin can be played on "Summertime Blues" Danny Parks, guitarist extraordinaire in The Duck & Cover Band
randy-mixing.jpg three important guys.jpg
Engineer Randy Gardner mixing "6 Days on the Road" Dan , Steve and Randy ready to add their secret 3-part harmony
guitarMic.jpg OldGlory.jpg
"This stuff works better down here!" (Las Vegas Hilton) Performing "Old Glory" at the Las Vegas Hilton
beinggary.jpg Evian.jpg
Never leave home without your Evian flask.
Being Gary Mule Deer ...and plenty of guitar picks.
dickens.jpg dickens2.jpg
Gary with Little Jimmy Dickens backstage at the Grand Ole Opry
gary-morgan.jpg nita-randy.jpg
Gary with Lorrie Morgan at the Opry
trying his darndest not to shift his gaze downward
Nita Mule Deer and "keyboard king" Randy Hart backstage at the Opry
garyNflock.jpg banjoman.jpg
There's nothing like the smell of new rubber chickens Old "Hee Haw" pals Gary and Mike Snider at The Opry
tiredNguitar.jpg hotchicks.jpg
Tired with guitar, backstage at the Las Vegas Hilton Hot chicks (Nita with billiards champion Ewa Laurance and daughter Nikki) backstage at the LV Hilton
thankacademy.jpg geezers.jpg
"Lunch Time With Ira" show at the LV Hilton Comedy Tonight with Jerry Van Dyke, Murray Langston (The Unknown Comic) and Fred Travalena at The McCallum in Palm Desert
dolores.jpg kalter-collins.jpg
With opening act & good friend, Dolores Park 
aboard RCCL's Rhapsody of the Seas
Alan Kalter, guitarist Felicia Collins & Gary
at The Late Show with David Letterman
smithsonian.jpg pavarotti.jpg
At the unveiling of Gary's first commissioned work, 
"Spaghetti Soiree" at the Smithsonian
Gary trying to burp Pavarotti after he just finished eating  Gary's first commissioned work, "Spaghetti Soiree"  at the Smithsonian. 
santafe.jpg guitardoritosjpg
Santa Fe Opera House, Santa Fe, New Mexico Guitar, Doritos, Rose and Bubble Wrap in their nightly pre-show huddle
payingjohn.jpg mathistrop.jpg
Paying John Scott Lavender, Johnny Mathis'  musical director,
his monthly blackmail installment.
Backstage with Johnny Mathis and Polly at the
Tropicana in Atlantic City, New Jersey
mathistrop2.jpg HiltonMarquis.jpg
Onstage with Johnny Mathis at the Tropicana, Atlantic City, New Jersey There are many guests but only a handful are special
garynewwest.jpg glencampbell.jpg
"Cowboy Band Of The Year," New West. Where's your hat Mule Deer? Warming up at The Crosby with Glen Campbell
mathisuk.jpg quinault4.jpg
With Johnny Mathis at the Royal Birkdale Golf Club, U.K.
being reprimanded by the Maitre'D for wearing metal spikes in the dining room
Classic Comics of Late Night, Bobby Kelton, Jimmy Walker,
Gary Mule Deer and George Miller at Quinalt Casino, WA
rprofile_guitar84.jpg flamingfred24.jpg
Gary singing his tribute to Johnny Cash Flatulent fowl nearly sets comedian afire
thechicken.jpg gary-sbros.jpg
Don't worry it'll hold ya, it's duck tape. Gary and The Smothers Brothers waiting for Godot.
tomNblake.jpg gary-vince-blake.jpg
Writing partner Blake Teach with Tommy Smothers backstage somewhere. With Vince Gill backstage at the John Denver Tribute in Aspen, Colorado trying to convince Blake Teach that they are actually Hall and Oates.
duckNcover.jpg tyminski.jpg
The Duck & Cover Band - L to R, Willie Weeks, Bass,
Danny Parks, guitars, Eddie Bayers, drums, Aaron Gannt, engineer,
Mule Deer, Randy Hart, keyboards, background vocals and producer.
Dan Tyminski ("Man of Constant Sorrow")
joins The Duck and Cover Band on guitar, mandolin and vocals.
mathisband.jpg gary-horace.jpg
Johnny Mathis Band - L to R, Joe Lizama, drums, Scott Lavender, conductor,
Gil Reigers, guitar, Gary Mule Deer, comedian, Rick Shaw, bass,
all pretending to be Gary's friend
just before replacing him in the show with Yakov Smirnoff
Gary with Horace Grant,
the man who introduced Elvis on "Louisiana Hayride."
Every year Gary and Horace get together and see who can stay up the longest.
Playing onstage at The Starkey Hearing Foundation Awards

Gary. Larger than life at the Grand Ole Opry August 10, 2007
onstage.jpg offstage.jpg
Gary onstage at Carnegie Hall January 10, 2009 Gary offstage at Carnegie Hall January 10, 2009
dressrm.jpg worldmay.jpg
Gary's dressing room at Carnegie Hall January 10, 2009. So the World May Hear Awards Gala
Friday night at The Sinatra 2009
newbxbg.jpg newgtrbg.jpg
There's nothing like the smell of a new guitar, Gary trying to pay a tribute to B7, the chord that launched his career.
Yet still after all these years the little bugger stills gives him trouble.
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