Nita and Gary Mule Deer with Carol Channing at Last Call At Jilly's",
The McCallum Theatre, Palm Desert, CA in Feb.
Tom Dreesen, Robert Wagner, Dick VanDyke, Barbara Sinatra and GMD
at the 2010 Sinatra Celebrity Invitational


Mule Deer and VanDyke schmoozing at The Sinatra Golf legend Ken Venturi and GMD at The Sinatra

scott-cheech.jpg (33351 bytes)

orbach-campbell.jpg (24565 bytes)
Cheech Marin and Scott Hamilton
Scott's Circle of Friends Golf Tournament
Glen Campbell, Jerry Orbach (we miss you!)
and Charley Pride at the Crosby
letterman.jpg (36139 bytes) nashbridges.jpg
Steve Martin, David Letterman and George Miller
Reunion Dinner at "21"
Waiting, waiting & waiting.
On the set of Nash Bridges
waters-nita.jpg (22143 bytes) waters-unitas.jpg (21978 bytes)
Nita and good friend Lou Waters of CNN Lou Waters, Roger Cossack and Johnny Unitas
gary-seger.jpg gary-vince.jpg
Bob Seger gives the appearance of looking interested
after Gary whispers they should re-cut "Like A Rock" as a duo.
Vince looks skeptical when Gary announces
he's decided to join the Vince Gill Band.
djames.jpg (25073 bytes) kcrosby.jpg (37422 bytes)
Dennis James Memorial, Palm Springs Nita and Gary with Kathryn Crosby and Harry Pazzullo, Bing Crosby's golf partner


With Paul Williams after a windy day of golf Gary tells Patti Page a naughty anecdote Sun City West, AZ
nita-mathis.jpg (21635 bytes) fergiewedding.jpg
Nita and Johnny Mathis, England The Mule Deers and friends Suzanne Pleshette and Tom Poston (married one month later), Laurie (I didn't get the dress memo!) and Peter Marshall, and Ewa (the "Striking Viking" of billiards) and Mitchell (the voice of billiards) Laurance. Excalibur Tournament, Palm Beach, Florida
dreyfuss.jpg (18273 bytes) shriner-dreesen.jpg (24730 bytes)
Richard Dreyfuss and Marc McClure
"Buy This CD!"
Comedy Reunion: Mike Preminger, Jimmy Aleck, Wil Shriner,
Nick Shriner, Tom Dreesen & Yours Truly\
dreesen-crosby.jpg spicegirls.jpg
Overjoyed with Tom Dreesen & Norm Crosby at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas Kristi Yamaguchi, Elke Sommer & Nita Mule Deer awaiting their turns at The Spice Girl Tryouts.
bobhope.jpg thompkeel.jpg
McClean Stevenson, Dolores and Bob Hope, Kathryn Crosby, Gary,
Deborah Tranelli and Vince Gill onstage at the Crosby Clambake
Testing invisibility serum with Bobby Thompson
and Howard Keel - Turberry Isle, Florida
hopper.jpg (19424 bytes)
With Yogi Berra at Hilton Head, South Carolina Dennis Hopper and Warren Trepp, Parasol Fundraiser
dimaggio.jpg pinkshirts.jpg
Gary and Joe Dimaggio waiting to share a Caesar Salad Entertainment Tonight's Bob Goen & Gary after the "Right to bear Yard Flamingos" rally in Palm Springs
geezers2.jpg monument.jpg
With pals, former CNN Super-Anchor Lou Waters
and world famous TV and film director Wil Shriner
Civil War fanatic Mule Deer at Stones River, Murfreesboro, TN
gary-daschle.jpg gary-arnold.jpg
Gary & former Senate Majority Leader, Tom Daschle 
"Hey Mule Deer, you need a ride? I've got a car right outside."
Gary and Arnold Palmer
gary-johnson.jpg gary-shawn.jpg
Gary with longtime friend, singer and guitar virtuoso Michael Johnson Gary's son Shawn - singer, guitar player, song writer
(with his own band, Abby SomeOne), columnist and writer of 3 books
benadeer.jpg garyNjerry.jpg
BenaDeer Gary Mule Deer and Jerry Seinfeld at Carnegie Hall
photo by D.H. Banker
Isn't that Gary Mule Deer next to Ralph Nader?
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